“Be generous and you will be prosperous, Help others and you will be helped.” – Proverbs 11:25

The Cumulative Donor Profile recognizes ongoing contributors’ support over the years. The names of all donors are shown at their highest level of giving, beginning at the Benefactor level. The profile will be updated annually, as each donor’s cumulative giving reaches different levels of support.

BENEFACTOR – $25,000+
Lake Arbor Village, LP
Paul Greenberg

PROVIDER – $5,000 – $10,000
Samuel H. and Donna J. Dean**
Michael Companies

SUPPORTER $2,000 – $4,999
Fidelity Charitable, Inc. – Starbucks (2020)
G. S. Proctor and Associates
Harold and Joyce H. Shambley
Sammie and Lynda Wallace

PARTNERS – $1,000 – $1,999
W.F. Chelsey Real Estate LLC
Arthur and Deborah Blowe**
Charles Bolling
Blanco and Cynthia High**
Terry Speigner
Deatra Trinidad**

FRIENDS ($500 – $999)
Chambers Management, Inc.
Ronald & Renee Edwards
Ernest and Katie Hammond
Stanley and Barbara Hawkins
Joanne Meredith – Jackson**
Ulysses Johnson (2020)
Lake Arbor Master Association
Largo LLC
Elaine B. Murrell**
Jesse Muse**
Johnnie and Edith Perry
Gloria Pilgrim
Michael A. Richardson, Sr.

($200 – 499.00)

Established in 2012 to recognize here individuals who contribute a minimum of $200 for the current year.

Bernadette Derr
Jacqueline Glass-Bolling
Norma Hatot
Renee Sharp
Curtis L. Smith
Thelma J. Strong

Ken Futch, Civil Engineer
As a Board Member, donated extensive civil engineering expertise to prepare required drawings for LAFI’s capital improvement project to convert from well water to WSSC public water. Served as contract monitor through successful completion.

LAFI thanks all who support us at any financial level. We encourage you to become a recurring donor so you two can be publicly recognized in this space.

**Category change based on 2020 Donation