What Are They? What Do They Do? How Are They Different?

The names of these three organizations are often used interchangeably, but they are three distinct organizations within Lake Arbor, all serving different needs of the community.

Lake Arbor Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs)
There are 13 HOAs within Lake Arbor: Arbor Park, Arbor View, Eastlake (the Towers) Newbridge Community Association, Northlake, Ridgewood, Ridgewood Park, Southlake, The Vistas, Westlake, Woodview Village West Community Association and Woodview Village West Condominium Association. The Lake Arbor Master HOA consists of Arbor Park, Eastlake (the Towers), Northlake, Southlake, and Westlake. An elected volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining the Lake Arbor entrance signs at Landover Road (Route 202) and Central Avenue (Route 214) and providing landscaping for the traffic circles and other areas along Lake Arbor Way, Campus Way North, and maintaining the Lake Arbor Lake. The HOAs covered by the Master HOA pay an additional fee for these services.

All HOA residents are required to be members of the respective HOA based on rules related to property ownership and deed restrictions. HOA fees are also mandated to be paid annually. An elected volunteer HOA Board enforces restrictive covenants, architectural controls, upkeep and appearances of individual houses and yards, and maintenance of common areas and amenities to ensure a consistent quality standard within the respective HOA. These duties are generally performed under the supervision of a Property Manager who reports to the Board.

Lake Arbor Civic Association (LACA)
The Lake Arbor Civic Association was founded in 1988. LACA is an over-arching nonprofit organization designed to represent the approximately 3,300 homes in Lake Arbor. LACA serves as a non-partisan advocate for the community on matters affecting all of Lake Arbor, including zoning and development, public safety, beautification, and education advocacy. LACA’s responsibilities include testifying on behalf of Lake Arbor before the Prince George’s County and District Councils, the Maryland National Capitol Park and Planning Commission, and interacting with other government officials at both the State and County levels of Government.
The voluntary annual membership dues for LACA are $20 per household. In order to vote at the annual meeting, a household must be a paid member. The volunteer Board of Directors includes elected officers and appointed representatives from the HOAs.

Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc. (LAFI)
The Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc.(LAFI) was chartered in the State of Maryland in 1997 as a non-profit corporation that was organized exclusively for educational and recreational purposes. In 1998, the LAFI was designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charitable 501(c)(3) organization authorized to receive fully deductible charitable donations. LAFI’s mission is to facilitate individual and community improvement by providing educational and recreational programs to Mitchellville and the surrounding areas. LAFI owns 6.8 acres of land located at 1399 Golf Course Drive, Mitchellville, Maryland, including the Dean Room, Herman L. Murrell Pavilion, parklands, tennis and basketball courts, parking areas and an Olympic size swimming pool which is open to the public. The volunteer Board of Directors manages the LAFI. Board membership is not restricted by residency requirements. Board Meetings are held on the third Tuesday monthly and are open to the public and participation is welcomed. The Board is in recess, July, August and December.

Note: Lake Arbor Golf Course The Lake Arbor Golf Course, located at 1401 Golf Course Drive, is privately owned by Codale Commercial Funding LLC, and is no longer operated as a golf course. The Golf Course property is accessed through an easement at the entrance to the Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc. property. The Golf Course owners are responsible for its grounds and facilities maintenance