The Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc. (LAFI) was chartered in the State of Maryland in 1997. The corporation was organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes and activities, among which was the acquisition and operation of a recreational facility for the benefit of the community known as Mitchellville, Maryland, including the immediate area surrounding Mitchellville. The Internal Revenue Service designated LAFI as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, public charitable organization in 1998.


LAFI facilitates individual and community improvement by providing educational and recreational programs to Mitchellville, Maryland and the surrounding areas.


We envision the Mitchellville community as a healthy and holistic place to live.

A Dream Becomes Reality

When the community’s dream to acquire and operate a recreational facility for the benefit of the entire community intersected with the Lake Arbor golf course owner’s desire to subdivide 6.8 acres and sell it at a reduced rate in order to get a tax-deductible donation, the Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc. was formed under the leadership of the Founding President, Samuel H. Dean. The first Board of Directors was Paul Nance, Mary Coleman, William Coleman, Jesse Muse, and Charles Bolling.

The Honorable Ulysses Currie, Legislative District 25, facilitated a Maryland State matching grant without which the purchase could not have been made.

The Lake Arbor Foundation Center consists of the Dean Room, Herman L. Murrell Pavilion,  an Olympic-sized swimming pool that is open to the public, bathhouses, tennis and basketball courts, parking area, and parkland. A variety of programs and activities are sponsored year-round and annually. Meeting space is available for community and private events

What Are We?  What Do We Do? How Are We Different?

  • Lake Arbor Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs)
  • Lake Arbor Civic Association (LACA)
  • Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc. (LAFI)

The names of these three organizations are often used interchangeably, but they are three distinct organizations within Lake Arbor, all serving different needs of the community.

We Are A Team

All LAFI Board Members are volunteers.  LAFI  welcomes team players who are willing to do whatever work is needed to move LAFI in a positive direction to better serve the community. No requirement to live in Lake Arbor,  any particular community or County and corporate volunteers are welcomed.

Stop in at a Board Meeting and check us out first if desired.    We call ourselves a Team…because in our view, Teams work and Committees meet.