Board of Directors

Donna J. Dean, Arbor View

Kenneth Futch, Arbor Park

Ulysses Johnson, Newbridge

Johnnie W. Perry, Arbor View

Michael A. Richardson, Sr., Arbor View

Thelma J. Strong, Ridgewood


Donna J. Dean, President

Johnnie W. Perry, Vice President

Thelma J. Strong. Secretary

Michael A. Richardson, Sr., Treasurer


Samuel H. Dean, Special Assistant

Corliss McDade, Rental Manager

Kimi McKeown, Bookkeeper


All LAFI Board Members are volunteers.  LAFI has volunteer opportunities now for dependable, energetic, consistent assistance as a team player in the following areas:  contracts, grounds maintenance (including overseeing the landscaping company), skilled in using QuickBooks online,  significant familiarity with swimming pools, including overseeing pool management company, facilities coordination (resourceful in identifying a variety of repair and qualified service personnel  and overseeing their work), social media and organized office and/or administrative skills. 

LAFI  also welcomes team players who are willing to do whatever work is needed to move LAFI in a positive direction to better serve the community. No requirement to live in Lake Arbor,  any particular community or County and corporate volunteers are welcomed.  What we focus on is what you can bring to the LAFI table as an asset for one or two hours weekly.  LAFI ask you to match your skills to our opportunities. 

Please send a resume or your background to  Stop in at a Board Meeting and check us out first if desired.    We call ourselves a Team…because in our view, Teams work and Committees meet.